April 22, 2024

MION : NPP Calls For Decent Election 2024 Campaign In Congratulatory Message To NDC PC

Ahead of election 2024, the New Patriotic Party is calling for decent peaceful election campaigns in the Mion Constituency.

According to the party, the NDC’s just-ended parliamentary primaries which resulted in the election of Alhaji Misbahu Mahama was characterised with negative phenomena that caused worry for onlookers.

In a message of congratulation to the elected PC, the party wished him but expressed hopes that the campaigns for election 2024 will be executed devoid of fear, intimidation and opulence that characterised yesterday’s primaries.

Read the full statement as released by the Mion Constituency Secretary of the NpP

May 14, 2023



The Mion Constituency NPP extends our warmest congratulations to Alhaji Misbahu Mahama Adams, the NDC Parliament candidate who was successful in his bid to represent the NDC as the Parliamentary Candidate in the Mion constituency for election 2024. The NPP equally congratulates the opposition party and all the candidates who lost their bids to represent the NDC in yesterday’s elections.

The NPP in Mion is, however, shocked and wishes to condemn in no uncertain terms, the nasty display of opulence and profligacy together with the many acts of insults and intimidations that characterized their campaigns and yesterday’s primaries. For a political party that prides itself as a reliable alternative to the governing NPP, these worrying developments should give a major cause for concern.

The NPP in Mion hopes that the 2024 electioneering campaign in the constituency will not see some of these ugly occurrences as the party commits itself to run a decent, clean, and peaceful campaign. We are calling on the NDC in the Mion constituency to also make these commitments for the love of greater Mion and the country.

With the commendable achievements of H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the member of Parliament, Hon Musah Abdul-Aziz Ayaba in Mion, the NPP is confident that regardless of the election of Alhaji Misbahu Mahama Adams as the NDC’s Parliamentary Candidate for the 2024 elections, the discerning people of Mion would not only retain the NPP government but also vote massively to maintain Hon Musah Abdul-Aziz Ayaba in Parliament, In Shaa Allah.

Long Live Mion!
Long Live Ghana!

Hon Iddrisu Ndung Amin (Natural)

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