April 22, 2024

The Intended Oversight Of Article 13(7) Of NPP Constitution By The Aspiring Presidential Candidate

Prior to my decision to joining the Elephant Fraternity, two years ago, from the Convention People’s Party, I took two good months to study the Constitution and the Ideology of the party.

The essence of this decision was to be very sure and clear that the Constitution is not ambiguous and accepts whosoever has a good standing and ready to contribute to the cause of the party in bringing development to the party and mother Ghana.

Upon reading the constitution over and over again, here comes article 13(7) paragraph A-G , which captures my thoughts and interests by the framers of the NPP party constitution.

Fast forward, Paragraph a, b, c was okay for me as a potential member of the party whose ambitions in the future would be to aspire to lead the party to Presidency Insha Allah.

Another symbolising factor I looked at in my decision was the Iconic Vice President, H E Alhaji Dr Mahamud Bawumia and one “ Fine Gentleman ”.


This gentle politician from a banking background raised the flag of NPP high with a strong sense of belonging and togetherness to revive the lost hope of the grassroots in opposition. He constantly engaged party faithfuls and assured them to put their maximum efforts and support into activities to bring the party to power.

He was never then referred to as A NEWCOMER. Sad. SMH!

Dr Bawumia carried the NPP on his back with his remarkable performance, defending and sacrificing his mighty reputation for the party in opposition and in government. No one saw him was as a NEW COMER when he was making all those strides.

These and many earned him an enviable place in the party’s history books and in the minds of millions of our party members and Ghanaians.

What Dr Bawumia did in opposition as a running mate to our flag bearer then, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and still doing today in government as a vice president remains an indelible act of loyalty, dedication and sacrifice, which I strongly believe many NPP faithful will never forget. These are remarkable achievements that will forever remain in the history books of the great Elephant Fraternity.

Dr Bawumia made the NPP fraternity and Ghanaian voters extremely proud because of his brilliant performance in opposition and in government. His quest for unity, humility and leadership qualities is enviable to the opposition NDC. His love for tolerance, honesty and development is admirable to the ordinary voter in our societies, which is a key factor to winning us the 2024 general elections.

Fellow patriotic delegates, we are all aware of the many aspiring candidates vying for the Flagbearership position and are all capable and competent to lead the party by virtue of their contributions and standings, and possibility of being Presidents when given the opportunity, but I wish to kindly appeal to you to vote H.E. Dr Mahamud Bawumia for his enviable track records as a running mate and vice president, to lead the party to victory come 2024 general elections. The vice president, fellow patriots and delegates, is the hope today, a great prospect and a soon-to-be president of Ghana .

The writer is Nabila Alhassan Basiru. He is Director of Operations of NPP’s Youth Wing in the Northern Region. He can be reached on phone via 0244912346.

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