July 13, 2024

Boat Disaster Kills Four In Golinga, Assemblyman Says Presence of Life Jackets Would Have Saved The Dead

Tragedy struck in a Tolon District community of Golinga as four individuals lost their lives after their boat capsized while returning from a communal activity on a nearby farm.

The deceased identified as Alhassan Zakaria 40, Yakubu Danaa, 45, Alhassan Musah 45, and Issahaku Musah, 46, have since been buried in accordance with Islamic tradition.

The incident has raised concerns about the lack of life jackets with the Assemblyman for the Golinga Electoral Area, Nantogma Zakaria, emphasizing that if authorities had provided life jackets to the community, all four lives would have been saved.

The Assemblyman, in a phone interview on Majority Radio’s Voice of Majority program, narrated how the ill-fated journey happened. He told host, Iddrisu Kumbundoo, that the seven individuals boarded the canoe to make their way back home after helping their friend to harvest maize farm.

Unfortunately, as they entered into deep waters, their boat suddenly turned over, plunging all its occupants into the water.

One person, according to the Assemblyman, managed to swim out and raised an alarm before rescuers from nearby Gbulahagu managed to save two more as the rest perished in the disaster.

Nantogma Zakaria expressed his grief over the incident and highlighted the absence of life jackets as a contributing factor to the unfortunate deaths.

The lack of necessary safety equipment has raised concerns among residents of Golinga and neighboring communities.

They are now calling on the government and other relevant authorities to prioritize the provision of life jackets and enhance safety measures for those who regularly travel on water bodies.

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