July 13, 2024

YENDI: Businessman Honoured For Service To Humanity

Businessman, Yakubu Mashud, has been honored by the Chief of Warikpamo, Naa Yakubu Alidu, for his exceptional service to humanity. The recognition comes in response to Mr. Mashud’s unwavering dedication to improving the lives of residents of Warikpamo,a new suburb of Yendi he recently moved to which is without basic social amenities.
Mashud, known popularly as Abiola, resides in Accra but travels home very often. He recently built and moved into the Warikpamo area. Upon arriving, he was struck by the lack of electricity and the challenging access to clean water in the area. Instead of turning a blind eye to the predicament, he decided to take action.
Using his personal funds, the businessman initiated the connection of the area to the national grid and with water also being a scarce commodity, he drilled boreholes which the residents currently use for construction and household purposes. Mashud intervention has impacted positively on the people who hitherto were sleeping in darkness with women also traveling far distances in search of water.
Moved by his exemplary gesture, Naa Alidu presented a citation to the businessman in an effort to acknowledge his invaluable contributions to the well-being of the people. The Chief commended Mashud, saying his gesture has brought relief to the community.

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