July 13, 2024

Midwife Leads Breast Cancer Screening Initiative For Rural Women

In commemoration of this year’s Pink Month, midwife Yussif Haleefa, in charge of the Tamaligu Health Center, spearheaded a significant initiative aimed at raising awareness and conducting free breast cancer screenings.

The initiative, known as the Midwife Haleefa Initiative (MHI), targeted rural women, recognizing the ongoing global threat posed by breast cancer, which claims the lives of millions of women annually.

Over 600 women from various zones including Tamaligu, Bagurugu, Nyong, and Zankali, benefited from the initiative, which focused on both education and screening.

Yussif Haleefa, with over seven years of experience as a health practitioner, expressed a deep commitment to addressing the challenges faced by women and enhancing their overall well-being.

The initiative provided vital education on breast cancer, empowering women with knowledge about the disease and its early detection.

In addition to the educational component, the women underwent screenings to detect any early signs of breast cancer, ensuring timely intervention and treatment.

Several women screened during the initiative were identified as having signs of breast cancer. They were promptly provided with referral notes to seek further healthcare at secondary healthcare facilities, emphasizing the importance of early detection and access to appropriate medical care.

Yussif Haleefa expressed her intention to make the breast cancer screening initiative an annual event, highlighting the ongoing commitment to improving women’s health outcomes in the region.

The breast cancer screening and awareness creation exercise is the second major initiative undertaken by MHI in this year. In May, Yussif Haleefa and her team distributed sanitary products to over 200 school girls in an initiative aimed at enhancing menstrual hygiene and eradicating period poverty.

The Midwife Haleefa Initiative serves as a beacon of hope, offering essential services and empowering women to take charge of their health and well-being in the fight against breast cancer.

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