July 13, 2024

Open Letter To NPP Regional Publicity and Media Committee

The write is Abdulai Abdul Razak, a party activist and former Tamale South Secretary Aspirant of the NPP.

Dear PMC,

I humbly write this piece to express my sentiment about the modus operandi of the Publicity and Media Committee under the Youth Wing of NPP, Northern Region.

As a concerned patriot of NPP, I find it very arduous to understand the workings of the group called PMC where other people have the same thoughts but remain mute ever since the flyer is in circulation as usual.

Interestingly, most people within the rank and file of the party feel the presence of the group only when it is time for the usual end-of-year get-together organized by the leadership.

Again, many have raised concerns about the activities and the relevance of such a group which only surface at the end of every year since its formation to work for the party, NPP.

In addition, as the name suggests, Publicity and Media Committee, PMC. It would have been an active working group in championing and propagating the great outputs of the Government under the leadership of Nana/Bawumia.

However, it appears it’s just a dormant group created for a certain purpose, especially for the individual benefit not to work for the Party, NPP in the Northern Region of Ghana. Why so?

Given the above, can the leadership of the group account to fellow hard-working patriots what they have done within the year to convince members of their readiness and relevance?

If there is any, it will help to erase the long-held view that the group works for personal gains, not in the interest of the Party in the Northern Region.

In my personal view, I don’t see the need for the end-of-year get-together in which only a sizable number of great patriots are gathered to dine and wine and go back to their bases.

I have had an opportunity to attend such gatherings for the past years but there is no innovation with regards to the organization especially the targeted group of people.

In all honesty, the battle ahead requires great teamwork and collaboration, and the Party’s activities must be tailored towards championing and propagating the work done for the public to be aware of and embrace.

This piece has nothing to do with the leadership of PMC but to say it as it is devoid of mere criticisms without bases. The future of the Party is paramount and our agenda to break the 8 will come to fruition when we play our cards well by letting Ghanaians know what we have done.

In summary, active social media communicators need capacity-building workshops, and mainstream party communicators on TV and radio need capacity-building all geared towards polishing their communication prowess to help propagate the promises delivered and those ongoing by the government.

Let’s set our priorities right and work towards the agenda of breaking the 8 with solid and well-convincing propagation of the Party works.


Abdulai Abdul Razak

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