May 23, 2024

Angry Sagnarigu NDC PC Accuses Executives Of Sabotage

The 2024 National Democratic Congress Parliamentary candidate for the Sagnarigu constituency, Atta Issah, has warned that some branch executives of the party will not be forgiven if the party fails to win their respective polling stations during the upcoming general election.

He said any executive who is not ready and willing to work assiduously for the party should denounce their positions.

The NDC Parliamentary candidate captured in a video that since has gone viral on social media during an interaction with some party supporters specifically mentioned branch executives of the Dungu electoral area and accused them of insubordination.

“I stand here today to say some of our electoral areas, branch executives of Dungu electoral area in particular, you don’t mean well for the party.

“We have entrusted you with the responsibility and we leave everything in your hands and God to help us win the seat. When the Parliamentary candidate comes to Dungu, people are afraid to turnout to campaign with him and holding down our executive positions, a visible disappointed Atta Issah lamented.

Mr. Issah added that, “Dungu branch executives if you know cannot work for the party return our positions to us. We will not forgive you when the elections are over and we fail to win your polling stations.”

He alleged that the branch executives are sabotaging his effort as the parliamentary candidate and that of the constituency executives.

Mr. Issah defeated the incumbent NDC Member of Parliament, Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini during the party’s and now seeking to become the next representative of the people in Parliament. He is facing competition from Madam Felicia Tettey, the 2024 parliamentary candidate of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) who is contesting the seat for the second consecutive time.

Mrs. Tettey contested the 2020 election against the outgoing NDC lawmaker and garnered a historic figure of 26,434  representing 43.0% and A.B.A Fuseini had 34,989 representing 57.0%. She is seen campaigning vigorously in the constituency after her acclamation last year and providing social amenities to communities and empowering women and the youth to be financially viable to improve their socio-economic livelihoods.

Credit: Custodian News

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