May 23, 2024

Transformative Leadership: The Legacy of Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah in Ghana’s Customs Division

Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah

In the heart of Ghana’s Customs Division, Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah emerged as a transformative leader. His unwavering dedication and strategic vision propelled a wave of change, reshaping not only revenue collection but also the very fabric of customs operations.

Under Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah’s leadership, the establishment of Customs to Customs cooperation with Ghana’s top 10 trading partners marked a pivotal moment in the fight against trade malpractice. By facilitating direct exchange of trading information, this collaboration became a potent weapon against the use of fictitious documents and duty evasion tactics.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. Revenue collection soared to unprecedented heights, surging by a staggering 38.2% over the previous five years. This remarkable achievement not only fortified the nation’s financial resources but also underscored Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah’s visionary leadership.

Beyond revenue generation, Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah’s impact reverberated across academia. He spearheaded groundbreaking Customs and Trade programs in collaboration with prestigious universities, laying the foundation for a new generation of customs professionals.

Moreover, his tenure was marked by a steadfast commitment to modernization and efficiency. The establishment of monitoring teams bolstered border security, resulting in the detention of over 700 vehicles and the generation of over 200 million cedis in additional revenue.

In his quest for excellence, Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah spared no effort in leveraging technology to enhance operations. The establishment of a centralized image monitoring and analyzing unit exemplified his dedication to transparency and efficiency.

As discussions for coordinated border management gained momentum, Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah’s vision for a seamless border ecosystem stood at the forefront. His efforts to foster collaboration between border agencies underscored his belief in the power of synergy.

Despite his unparalleled achievements, the specter of regression looms large. As the NPP government faces a crucial decision, the imperative is clear: Do not arm your enemy. Mr. Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah is steering the ship of progress with finesse, and his leadership is a source of pride for the government. His legacy as a visionary leader must endure for the betterment of Ghana.

The Writer is Sulemana Abdul Rauf, a stafg of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. You can reach him on call or WhatsApp on +233 54 289 2707.

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